Restaurant & Retail Consulting

Our experience allows us to consult a number of issues in the restaurant and retail markets. For restaurants we assist with menu development and provide a cost analysis for each menu dish. We also assist small and large retail outlets with floor display and packaging that makes sense from the consumers perspective.

Over the years in the food and distribution industry our main focus is built on 3 foundations: Specialized, Effective and Trusted.

Specialized: From Coffee to meat and poultry products we have been able to assist retailers and restaurants develop strategies with the goal of sustainability, merchandising and product marketing.

Effective:  Proven strategies with on site walk through and attractive POS merchandising to consumers. Assist in developing new products for butchers or meat processing plants.

Trusted:  We have built trusted relationships over the years. People and trust-based relationships are the key to solving and implementing solutions. Restaurants face huge obstacles in the coming years and will need assistance in every aspect of their business. We help provide cost-effective solutions not only the realm for food cost but also in the consultancy of the digital menu world.