Just Shrimp Global Inc.


Vatika Consulting Group specializes in offering consulting & marketing services for independent manufactures to the end-users (both food service and retail). With over 30 years’ experience, Vatika can provide expertise in many food categories while prioritizing focus on the protein industry. Another strength we provide is the ability to help clients take their ideas for products to a finished line complete with marketing.

Utilizing unique partnerships with independent food brokers, Vatika Consulting Group can provide excellent service in Ontario and Quebec and beyond.

In the Ottawa area Vatika can provide a delivery home retail service for a complete line of high-end meats. Fresh to your door. The one positive we were able to take from Covid is consumers at home were able to appreciate the value of quality foods to cook with.

Our Food Service partners are:

  • Alpha Meats – a purveyor of quality meats cut to customer specs (beef, poultry, veal, lamb and pork) to the food service and retail industry.
  • Brazilian Canadian Coffee Company Ltd – a coffee roaster providing artisanal and industrial blend coffees focusing on quality and service. Offering our blends and private label options to the food service and retail sectors.
  • Burton Meats Inc. – a provider of direct to restaurant high-quality whole muscle and processed cuts. From Wagyu and Prime Beef to poultry, veal, lamb and pork.
  • Deli Freeze Inc. – a manufacturer of quality sauces and dressings to the food service industry. Prioritizing private label product for local chains and multi units is our specialty.
  • Frais Coupe – Processing fresh fruits and vegetables for the restaurant industry. Available through your local produce suppliers.
  • Just Shrimp – Delicious 100% shrimp burger, slider and nuggets available in panko crusted and natural versions of the products. 100% shrimp no fillers, sustainable and ethically sourced.
  • Sogestal Breads – Artisanal small batch breads for the restaurant industry. High quality and versatile.
  • Tyers Foods international – 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese products imported from New Zealand. Offered in block and shredded skus. We also provide a shredded pub mix (50% mozz and 50% cheddar) and a shredded cheddar product. The are no modified ingredients in our products.


Sometimes product is not available and we go the distance to search for a product that is difficult to find. Given our years of experience and numerous contact, we have great resources to achieve our customer’s request.


Working with local business, we ensure our suppliers are maintaining effective practices of sustainability that are healthy and feasible in their operations and communities.


We deal directly to the end user or through broadline distributors. We will get the products to you promptly in whichever manner you prefer.


Different businesses require specialized products and services that fulfill the needs of their customers. We offer a comprehensive consulting process that allows them to reach their goals. Whether it is a price sensitive, strictly an incentive to a promotion or a unique product.


All our suppliers are certified and we ensure that food safety and quality are not compromised.