Vatika Consulting Group works together with our vendors and end users to foster continuous growth for both. We achieve this by providing a clear conduit for communication with our vendors, distributors, and end users (restaurants and retail). Only through strong relationships can we realize the success our clients require. These are some of the processes to our success:

Product Development

Many end users have products that they specialize in and can provide to their direct business, but they realize there may be a wider market for such items. To take this to the next level requires a knowledge and network that would be time consuming and expensive to achieve. We have successfully taken many private label products to market for customers both retail and food service. We take customers through:

Conception> production> marketing> sales

Meat purchasing program and vendor analysis.

By analyzing current purchasing protocols and vendors, we can provide recommendations to improve quality and profitability. The program will be specially designed by customer.

Menu development

We help design menus from scratch and provide quality options to grow sales while being profitable. We can also print and design menus for the customers.

Chef’s Guide

Vatika Consulting Group work closely with many top local chefs to develop recipes and menu ideas. We have also collaborated with these talented individuals in many local fundraisers and shows. It is truly fulfilling to be able to provide support to local hospitals and charities working with these great culinary talents.

Marketing partners

As a marketing partner, Vatika Consulting Group can assist food operators with promoting their business, increasing brand awareness, and driving customer engagement.

We assist with:

creating marketing campaigns
strategizing social media promotions
managing online advertising
implementing customer loyalty programs

Two Key Marketing Initiatives also allow for flexible solutions to overall operation

  1. Digital Menu Setup through QR Platform:
    • We help set up digital menus for food operators using a QR code platform. This allows customers to access menus on their smartphones by scanning a QR code.
    • Provide a user-friendly interface for food operators to easily update and customize their menus.
    • Ensure that the digital menus are visually appealing and showcase the food options effectively.
    • Highlight any interactive features such as allergen information, nutritional details, or the ability to place orders directly from the menu.
  2. Menu Print Collateral:
    • Offer design services for menu print collaterals, including shell cover design and layout.
    • Create visually appealing and eye-catching designs that reflect the brand image of the food operator.
    • Provide cost-effective printing solutions for menu collaterals, ensuring high-quality prints at affordable prices.
    • Consider using eco-friendly printing methods and materials to align with sustainability goals.